MIS – Management Information System (2019-20)

We are running two courses B.Sc. and B.A. for undergraduate students. Students enrolled for B.Sc. on the basis of ADHAR CARD. There are 41 Girls and 79 Boys for B.Sc. Ist year with total of 120, 33 Girls and 84 Boys for B.Sc. II with total strength of 117. 34 Girls and 82 Boys for B.Sc. III with total strength of 116. The strength of B.Sc. Ist is 141, B.Sc. II is 105 and B.Sc. III is 61. Total strength of B.Sc. course is 301. B.A. is running on no grand basis. In B.A. I 22 Girls and 94 Boys in all 116, B.A. II 13 Girls and 28 Boys in all 41, and B.A. III 04 Girls and 22 Boys with strength 26 students. Total strength of B.A. is 108 no minority students, enrolled in the academic session for B.Sc. and B.A. courses.

Total number of students availing govt. scholarship is 158. Under physical education and sports, the college is having the play ground, volley ball ground and pushup bar. The study material available for students at higher education library under the book and periodicals are 960, 03 maps and 26 specimen copies are available.

Total 183 students of B.A. and 353 of B.Sc. registered for examination. During session total approved post of teaching and non teaching are 24 and filled post are 16. Apart from regular teachers, 18 visiting teachers are appointed and working for 5 non-approved teachers.

Appointed staff has been screened caste wise are 07 as in Botany, Zoology, Chemistry, Physical Education and Library Science where as Computer Science, Electronics, Physics, Mathematics running by appointing teachers on Clock hour basis.

No as such plan scheme for expenditure. MIS shows details statements of salary of the existing staff.